San Francisco 49ers Who will be the Niners’ third-string quarterback? Yes, the guy holding the clipboard. We all know that Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick will battle it out for the starting gig but the third-stringer, who will run the scout team and should have an intimate knowledge of new coach Chip Kelly’s offense, should be one of the more important job descriptions in Santa Clara.

Not every player is a stud, but knowing you can count on a solid seven wholesale from China with the best manmade quality is more valuable to me than a DeSean Jackson type, who will score 12 points one week and then two the next. Eric Weddle, who shaved his signature beard after leaving the Chargers, said it is coming in fuller than ever. Now, the fate of Weddle’s facial hair could be left up to the Baltimore Ravens’ success.

So, as much as possible, I want players with a high floor. And not just a high floor for the season, but a weekly high floor. That consistency, week in and week out, is what wins championships. It’s still 14 points over two weeks, but I’d rather get the seven every week. That consistent production at as many roster spots as possible is what will help you plan the rest of your roster to figure out the best way to get to 94 points a week.

Matthew Berry, The Talented Mr. Roto, is sure he forgot something. He is the creator of free shipping , a paid spokesman for and one of the owners of the Fantasy Life app. So will it be rookie Jeff Driskel, who was drafted in the sixth round out of Louisiana Tech, or Thad Lewis, who was signed as a free agent after spending time with Kelly in Philadelphia? Or might the loser of the battle be sent out of town?

Remember when I spoke earlier of having an opinion on players? It was probably last week in terms of actual reading time. Well, I want you to at least have an opinion on the range of outcomes for every player. Even if you just take a rankings sheet and quickly go down the list making notations like “wide,” “medium” or “small.” Doing this exercise will help reshape how you view each player and guide you through the draft.

In assembling your team, realize that you want players who have the for sale in the online store for a high weekly ceiling someone who, if the situation is right, could be an elite option in a given week. Speaking of building your team.

Again, this is a weekly game. So, obviously, every single week you are going to look at all the players available to you — on your roster and in the free-agent pool — and decide on a starting lineup.